BTS Outcast & Fan Culture

In my last post, I talked about how it was innovative and unique and a perfect example of the other incredible ways content creators are utilizing social media but Outcast itself has some other interesting qualities too.

BTS Outcast & Social Media Storytelling

If you haven’t been under a rock and you spend at least part of your time on Twitter, then you’ve probably heard of Outcast. Articles have already been written about it and it trended worldwide on Twitter. I wouldn’t even be surprised if BTS themselves have at least glanced it. Outcast is the brainchild of…

When Your Idol Messes Up

We find a person we love then, suddenly, you find everyone on Twitter discussing how terrible they are. What do you do?

What I’m Looking Forward To In 2018

I was going to title this something along the lines of “Comebacks I’m Looking Forward to in 2018” but there’s so much more than just comebacks that I’m looking forward to. There will be world tours, debuts, anniversaries, etc. I don’t want to exclude anything, so instead I’ll be talking about everything all at once….

Happy New Year!

I’m going to do a formal post later on what I’m looking forward to in the coming year but I just wanted to take a second and say that although 2017 wasn’t perfect, I’m thankful we lived it. I truly believe that all the things that happened this year shaped me for the better as…