K-Pop Resource Guide (Part 1)

I realized that for a lot of people, getting into the world of K-Pop is like being thrown into a pit of content and then having more content thrown on top of them. When I first started caring about GOT7, I had no idea just how many different websites I would have to visit, how…

Femininity & Female Expression in K-Pop

There’s a lot of speculation and analysis from fans, both Korean and international, about the treatment of female K-Pop idols and how their behavior and their image impacts their success and fanbase.

Singularity by BTS (V) Review

The lyrics are crazy haunting and very moody for the start of an album…something like the dichotomy of love and how it can be both exciting and excruciating. 

BTS News: The Tour, the BBMAs Performance, & the Album

Damn, have BTS got a lot of news for us. It is so crazy to think that the boys who just five years ago slept in the same room on crowded bunk beds are now internationally famous to the point where they can’t even receive fan gifts. So much has happened in such a short…

Album or Nah: Still Playing Catch Up

Wedding planning definitely does a number on your free time, I’ll tell you that right now. That said, I’m back to it now with another catch up review. I wish I could devote time to each of these albums in their entirety but honestly I’m just trying to scrounge up enough compiled free time to…